The benefits of learning are more than you might think.

Italian is the mother tongue of 63 million people in Europe, or 12.52% of the population of the European Union, which puts it in third place.

Italian is, of course, spoken in Italy, the Vatican, San Marino, some cantons in Switzerland, but also in parts of Slovenia and Croatia. In Malta, almost two thirds of the population speak it fluently.

It would be a pity to miss an opportunity to communicate with tens of millions of our neighbors.

Italy is France’s second largest trading partner.

If you want to learn a language to increase your chances of finding a job, Italian is a rather interesting choice to stand out.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Italy is still an extremely rich country: it is nevertheless ranked eighth in the world and fourth in Europe.

The Italian economy is powerful and well diversified: industry, tourism, luxury goods, agriculture, etc.

It’s no secret that Italian is very close to French. Because of this, Italian is a language that is easy to learn for us French speakers.

Italian also has the advantage of being phonetically very simple: it is written as it is pronounced.

The cultural contribution of Italy is immense and has been for millennia. Since antiquity, the culture of this country has shone on the world and has constantly reinvented itself: Republic then Roman Empire, Medieval Italy, Florentine and Roman Renaissance etc…

Even today, Italy still occupies a prominent place in many prestigious sectors, such as fashion and design.

Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world.

Italian is a very attractive language, with its singing accent and the romantic image it conveys.

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