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The Inspire Academy Online offers language acquisition classes for people who wish to improve their language skills . Online one to one and group lessons supported with easy to use e-learning materials are available from Monday to Saturday . All of our teachers are native , qualified, and experienced .

Language Training Type 1 Access to Online Content:

You will be able to practice independently on audio tracks, texts and you will receive regular evaluations to check your progress.

Language Training Type 2 Videoconference Language Courses:

These courses are conducted face-to-face with a teacher who is a native speaker. You will practice your chosen language orally, improve your comprehension, vocabulary, and expression.


Interactive e-learning programs are accessible for every language level from beginner to advanced. The interactive exercises provide support and extra language comprehension helping students advance in their language learning journey.


At the Inspire Academy our aim is to help you learn languages. You may want to learn a new language for school, work, personal reasons, travel, friendship,

romance or business. Whatever the reason, we will help you get your desired results. With motivation and practice, you can start here and go anywhere!

 If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced speaker and you want to improve your skills in a foreign language, look no further.

The Inspire Academy is one of the few schools that can take you from zero to 100 regardless of your language level. All of our teachers are native speakers. Forexample, you will learn French from a person who is from France, Spanish from a teacher from Spain, and other languages from teachers of their native home language.

Your language teacher and coach will keep you on track to develop confidence in foreign language communication. Your success is our success.

 At the Inspire Academy, we are serious about language learning; but that doesn’t mean that learning a new language can’t be fun. 

You will learn about different cultures, traditions, events, and you will likely learn more about yourself, your personal interests and goals. 

Our school is unique in that we include fun activities in our lessons.

Depending on your interests, activities include art, music, public speaking,

walking and talking, surfing, basketball, gastronomy and much more. At The Inspire Academy you will learn a new language and have a blast while you’re at it.



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