Private Italian Lessons

The one-on-one Italian coaching online with Inspire Academy Online will help you improve your spoken Italian and your pronunciation in a good mood.

They offer participants a practical and effective way to improve their Italian quickly and efficiently.

The Programs

General Language

Understanding of the language and awareness of different accents, accents and intonations
Appropriate grammatical bases and verbal tenses
Acquisition of analytical vocabulary, point of view, expression of feelings and common vocabulary (Expression of everyday life; on vacation, at work, on the phone).
Oral expression: continuous speaking exercises on simple themes, dialogue and oral reformulation.
Written expression: Implementation of the grammatical and lexical elements studied, writing of short texts, summaries, reviews…

Professional Language

Written comprehension and expression (grammatical improvement)
Comprehension and oral expression
Learning vocabulary specific to your professional activity
Facilitate or participate in a meeting
Ensure a professional presentation
Informal communication situations
Preparations for Certifications

Compilations of exercises, language level assessments, oral expression, vocabulary, grammar, time and conjugation, oral comprehension, written expression, written comprehension according to scenarios: reception, business, social, discussion, presentation, negotiation.
Courses are organized around business themes, dialogues and monologues applied to the main professional and everyday life situations.
Listening and writing exercises to improve comprehension

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