Learning French Fuels Career Opportunities in Canada

Learning French Fuels Career Opportunities in Canada

Sales, marketing, technical support, journalism, teaching, customer service, government

People who are bilingual earn more

International opportunities

According to Statistics Canada, 75% of the Canadian population speaks English, 22% speak French and 17% speak both French and English. Opportunities abound for the minority of Canadians who speak both official languages.  English speaking Canadians who speak French have many more career options and, studies show they are more likely to earn more income than those who are not bilingual.  In addition, young bilingual Canadians are able to find full time employment faster than Canadians who only speak one language.  And bilingual Canadians receive a cash bonus  from the Federal Government.

Here are some careers where there are opportunities for Canadians who are fluent in French:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Federal Government
  • Technical Support
  • Teaching
  • Customer Service
  • International Operations
  • Radio, Television, Digital Media
  • Translation
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Non-Profit Organizations

For people who like to travel, being bilingual will open doors to very interesting international careers.   Humanitarian agencies like the Red Cross, diplomatic missions, the UN, teaching, media organizations, international business operations all provide opportunities for bilingual Canadians to travel and learn new cultures.

Learning French is easy for most English-speaking Canadians. Since many of the words in English are derived from French and they are both Latin languages, Canadians can quickly learn to communicate in French. The Inspire Academy makes learning French fun and interesting. Canadians will learn French from native French speakers in France.  Speaking the original French dialect will prepare students for all French dialects world-wide. Invest in your career and get ready for a future of interesting work that is well paid.