With unlimited access for $31.99, the training includes:

French is essential if you want to seize new international opportunities. Learning focuses on work-related vocabulary specific to the professional field. It targets key and useful skills for dealing with everyday situations at work.

Inspire Academy Online helps you develop your network and helps you create content in French. We support you and put all our creativity and inspiration into action in order to bring you the best solutions for international development and communication.

To learn a new language, Inspire Academy combines teaching and real-life situations to assimilate it in a relaxed atmosphere by strengthening your self-confidence. Sports, music, art, board games and even photography are all part of the fun activities offered to students during their language learning!

To develop your career, this training targets the key points of professional French, the writing of various documents, such as CVs and cover letters, and training in oral presentations.

Playful, human, natural French between you and your native teacher, moments of exchange and sharing to learn French naturally and practice grammar correctly.

Coaching to improve your way of thinking, and motivate you to succeed, using positivity in our French lessons, with a reward system.

Training to make oral presentations, in front of the public or a camera. With a specific, learned vocabulary, and storytelling practice.

Acquire the self-confidence and successful body language to make effective presentations.  The point of this lesson is to enable you to be more comfortable speaking French to a group of people.

This theme covers the culture of French speaking countries. The aim of this theme is to understand the mentality, the food, the economy and the vocabulary of the different French regions.

Learn everything needed to travel, like asking for directions, ordering a taxi, finding your way around on the subway, booking  hotels and engaging in activities.

Create a French web-site! To realize your next web-based project, we will help you create the content of your blog or website in French.

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