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France is known all over the world for his food of course!Going in a French restaurant is a thing to do if you plan to visit us!Speak and understand what the waiter or the waitress is asking you it’s another thing! A quick list about sentences you’ll probably hear or asks! Waitress : find out wich french sentences refers to english one!Bonjour combien êtes vous? ………………………Do you want an aperitif?Veuillez me suivre à votre table…………….A
Être (to be), Avoir (to have) are the two auxiliary verbs to learn in priority because they will help you to construct sentences with other verbs! Être : is used to define a state or a characteristic, it’s also used to define a situation or a localisation or a specific moment in a day for example. Avoir : define the possession of something or a characteristic.A little practice ! How to conjugate those two auxiliaries
Starting the day with a good breakfast! That is the typical way of life for French people! Lets see if you can figure out how to have the perfect French breakfast! Exercice : Avec les ingrédients suivant; composez le petit-déjeuner parfait du français en complétant la phrase ci dessous : café /thé pain haricots vegemite fruits céréales saucissons thon chocolat jambon jus d’orange croissants frites confiture beurre coca-cola oeufs lait légumes produits laitier J’aime faire
Learn French expressions referring to animals ! Not only are they popular, they can be both funny and catchy 😉 En France nous avons des expressions souvent associées avec des animaux. Exemple :  nu comme un ver ! Terminer les expressions avec les animaux correspondant : J’ai une faim de ……   Il fait un froid de …….  Le bar est bondé, on va être serrés comme des…. Il est rusé comme un………                                                                                       J’ai un …. dans la
Our words have power. When we affirm something, we are programming our mind to believe certain things about life. Those beliefs can affect every aspect of our lives, including learning a language. Here is a list of 10 affirmations in French that will motivate you and help you learn the language. Try to say them to yourself every day before starting your lesson. Amusez-vous bien 🙂 Les Affirmations qui Motivent en Français J’aime apprendre le

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