Most loved frensh movies

The most loved French movies

Here is a list of the most loved and known French films La règle du jeu (1939) The Marquis de la Chesnaye is organizing a hunting party on his Sologne estate. A host of guests arrives at the castle including André Jurieu, national hero since his crossing of the Atlantic in 23 hours. A feat achieved for the beautiful eyes of the Marquise Christine La Chesnaye, in vain. In a society where nobles and servants
What sport you watch on french tv ?

Most practiced sports in France

Discover the most popular sports activities among the French. FOOTBALL Football is a collective sport which is mainly played on the foot with a spherical ball. He opposes two teams of eleven players in a stadium, whether on a grassy field or on a floor. Some vocabulary : Equipe adverse : Opponent teamEntraîneur : CoachRemplaçant : SubstituteMeneur de jeu : PlaymakerGardien de but : Goalkeeper Défenseur : DefenderArrière centre : Center backAttaquant / avant : ForwardAvant-centre
Go on vacations in France

France’s Top Beach destinations

Discover the best beach destinations in France to spend your holidays. BIARRITZ The most beautiful seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, Biarritz enjoys a reputation that has long gone beyond French borders. Already in the 19th and early 20th centuries, famous figures such as the Emperor Napoleon III, his wife Eugenie, Queen Victoria of England and even the American writer Ernest Hemingway came to spend their holidays there. Today, the city has become an important
France's famous catle

The most beautiful castles to visit in France

France has a magnificent historical heritage, including numerous and sumptuous castles. There are therefore an estimated 45,000 castles in France. If you want to visit it you have therefore a wide choice. Here are the top 6 most famous. Versailles We cannot begin the classification of the most beautiful castles in France without talking about the most famous: the Palace of Versailles of course! Indeed, the official residence of the Kings of France and its
What are the french manners at table


France is one of the countries that has a fairly strict protocol in terms of how to sit at the table or more broadly to behave in society. This is called “the label”. If you are going to France, it may be interesting to know a few rules. But don’t worry, most of them are now obsolete, in other words almost no one respects them. Don’t cut your salad with your knife Why ? Before